At Well Done Nutrition, it's all about embracing our imperfections, even when it comes to food.

Food is one of life’s joys and the pursuit of wellness doesn’t mean missing out on delicious things and special moments! You can have it all and eat it all, and still do a job Well Done.

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Join me in approaching nutrition, eating and cooking with intentionality. Creating a personalized, thought-out plan for nourishing your body is the key to food freedom and healthy living.

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As a Registered Dietitian with a Masters in Nutrition, former fitness studio owner, and nutrition communications specialist, Lisa has supported hundreds of people, worked with top brands and media to apply food and nutrition strategies that not only work, but last.

With dual degrees in Nutrition and Communications she has the perfect recipe for a lot of good conversation about food, and wellness, which can be found in Women’s Health, Runner’s World, Eating Well and more.

In addition to working one-on-one with people, Lisa has created and implemented various nutrition workshops for small and large groups at the corporate level and everything in between.

Additional certifications include ServSafe® food safety certification and certified personal trainer through AAAI/ISMA.

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There’s power in numbers. Wanna learn more together? Customize a special workshop for you and your pals to cover a nutrition topic or need.

Food is part of life’s great joys. If you have been struggling to find that joy, let’s chat! We’ll work together to create a holistic approach that is customized to you and your needs, and allows you to live a life well fed and well done.

Explore how I can help you create a well done approach to food and nutrition.

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